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Apple iOS7: 10 Must Know Facts about it

Over the last few posts we have been discussing about the exciting new release of Apple’s Operating System - the iOS7. We wrote about some of the salient and extremely interesting features about the underlying technology and product which makes iOS7 standout in the race for popularity. Continuing on with our journey of this wonderful product; in this post, we would provide you 10 facts about iOS7 which you, as an iDevice user, must know about it in order to not merely appreciate the elegance of the Operating System but also to nail down the best usage for the facilities it provides!

User Interface
The first thing you encounter with any device is its user interface. Undoubtedly it is the first thing which catches your eyes even before your mind would ask you to look into the pithier aspect - the specs.

iOS7 has taken long strides when it comes to user interface. It has gotten rid of any clutter which would have made usage of the device look complex. Thus, the feel is simple and yet the look is extremely beautiful. To match it up, we know have the translucent look to the interface which gives a hazy background of something hiding in it, waiting to come to the foreground! This creates an illusion of a 3D effect.
ios7 facts
Navigable Control Centre
The translucent interface is carried even to the screen where the controls of the device are flashed. You can adjust the sound, camera options etc all at the swipe of your finger. However, more importantly, the navigation to the control screen itself is extremely easy.

Unlike the traditional approach where you would have to move backwards until you reach the home screen and then launch the control screen; in iOS7-based iDevice, however, you are free to be at any user screen but you always have the facility to swipe the screen from bottom to top and the control screen would pop up!

Multitasking stretched to new levels
With iOS7 your i-devices have turned, I would say, more “intelligent”. Not merely the fact that all the apps are facilitated by multitasking, but this feature also helps the device keep a track of the frequency of most used apps and the particular times when they are used. In this way, the particular apps are auto-launched at the specific times of the day when you would generally, otherwise, launch it explicitly.

Similarly, the devices with iOS7 also understand the network coverage available. Say during a particular time, if the Wi-Fi connectivity is not strong then the Operating System – rather the intelligent Operating System - suspends any download for updates. These updates are resumes as and when the signal becomes stronger. By suspending the updates during weak signals, battery life of the device is saved from sapping.

iOS7 also features smart web-browsing through its “Safari” browser. Here as well the browser - smart browser – keeps a track of your favourite websites and the “smart” search field brings them all out for you to select as quickly as it can get!

The name itself pretty much suggests the functionality of this feature. You can “Airdrop”, let us say, a file directly into your peer’s iDevice without any connection network or required setup. Once the file is marked to be shared, it lands directly into your friend’s application where software can display it with the identity of the sender. And all of this is secure and safe so the privacy is not complied with.

Camera and Photo
iOS7 features new Camera app which features a rich array of effects to render on the photos, plus you can switch switch between different camera modes (video, photo, panorama, square) with just a swipe.

More interestingly, iOS7 manages your photographs intelligently. It organizes your photos based on the ‘moments’ – the place and the date – in which they were clicked. This provides a very flexible searching of photos when you have large storages.

i-Tune Radio
One of the key updates with iOS7 is the “Spotify” feature. The Music app now encapsulates the iTunes radio which enumerates a list of radio stations based on the music genre! The application itself has created hundreds of stations. Each station dedicated to a particular genre of music.

Moreover it provides the user the option to explain the user’s mood to the application. That is the reason you can specify if you like a particular song so that it and other songs of its type can be frequently paid. And at the same time you can “ban” a song from being played at all.

You need not necessarily depend on the built-in stations; if you can stand ads then you may create your own station and air it to your friends.

Activation Lock
I believe this is one of the coolest features that comes with iOS7 - the “Find My iPhone” feature. In case if you lost any of your i-devices, they cannot be reused by any thief without feeding in the Apple ID and password. Even if the device is completely rehashed and formatted, yet the device would require the initial Apple ID and password to begin functioning.

Therefore, unless the real owner types in the required parameters there is no way how your device can be reused. The “Find My iPhone” feature also lets you zero down on your device through its efficient navigation system. So there is always a chance that you might re-discover your device at some time unless it is destroyed for cold reasons.

Release Date
September 18th is chosen as a date for the release of iOS7 worldwide. Nevertheless, you would not have to pay for it if you are using either iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th Gen since iOS7 would be available as free update for all these i-devices.

5S: Your Touch ID
There was much hype about Apple devices capability of fingerprint scanning as an authentication measure. It is now officially released as the 5s.

The home button now features a 170 microns sensor which can scan at a resolution of 500 ppi and scans the sub-epidermal skin layers for accuracy (Is not this really fascinating!). In the background a sapphire crystal in the sensor acts like a camera lens which captures a high resolution image of your finger tip which is then analyzed for authentication!

Nevertheless, your fingerprint itself is never stored anywhere on the Apple’s server or backed into the cloud. Thus, your identity is never at stake.


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