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How to fix “This Connection is Untrusted” Browser Error

Have you gone through this Firefox/Chrome browser error showing “This Connecting is Untrusted”? Sometimes it annoys user by showing the same error every time when the user visits the same page repeatedly. Actually there are few reasons around this and it can be fixed easily by doing some tweaks to the computer settings. This error might occur any time even visiting google.com and it doesn't mean that the connection was insecure. Here are the few causes that probable might cause this annoying Firefox error “This Connection is Untrusted”.

Netizens will probable seen this browser error many times while filling online applications and it doesn't allow user to access apply on-line page. Since most of applicants are newbie’s, they don’t know how to rectify “This Connection is Untrusted” for every site they visit. Even Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail pages will give same output which are secured websites. Even though the user adds the page to exception, the whole website won’t load properly and the images distributes abnormally on the whole website.
fix This Connection is Untrusted Firefox
So, what does This Connection is Untrusted error mean?

Let’s make this topic as simple as possible. Most of the big websites like Facebook, Gmail etc will use SSLC certificate which establishes secured connection to protect the data that is being transferred. You can observe this by looking at the web address of the page. If the website enabled with SSLC certificate, it will be shown as https://website.com. So, when user visits the respective website through any browser it first checked the secure connection certificate. If it is invalid then the browser returns “This Connection is Untrusted” error which means unable to connect with the website. It causes because of three reasons. They are
  1. Incorrect system time
  2. Website using an expired SSLC certificate
  3. The site you are visiting might be illegal or fake certificate
For every problem there would be a solution. Here are the steps to fix “This Connection is Untrusted” Browser Error.
  • Just change or recheck the date of your computer. If it is showing wrong date, then set it correctly to rectify the untrusted error of the browser.
  • Mostly it could be fixed by following the above tweak. If not, be conscious about sharing data or information with these untrusted sites. No legitimate website will use an expired or invalid SSLC certificate.
If you are facing any weird problem than this, please inform to us. We will come up with a solution to your problem. Liked this tutorial on How to fix “This Connection is Untrusted” Browser Error? Please share it.


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