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How to Protect Excel Sheet with Password

Complete Tutorial on password protecting your Excel Workbook
Are you looking for a software to manage all your secure codes or data? Then this article will definitely help you to manage all your login credentials at single place through Excel Spread Sheet. Not only the personal credentials, it also protects your data from being tampered. So, do you have any question on how do I password protect Excel workbook? Go on further to know the complete process..

Microsoft Office itself comes with huge package including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint etc. User can select the best as per their need during installation. While the security is concerned, Excel workbook will do its job perfectly without any backdrop.

Protect Excel Sheet with Password

Currently there are millions of users who are using Microsoft office 2003, 2007 and 2010 which is the latest ongoing version. In our opinion MS Office 2003 is quite different when compared with Office 2007 by means of interface. As we observed that there is no much difference from 2007 version to 2010. This tutorial can help people to password protect their Excel spreadsheet having any Microsoft Office version.

Protecting an Excel file with a password is not a big task. All then you need to remember all the steps to lock or unlock Excel spreadsheet carefully in order to edit the tables in future. Using this process it is possible to lock the read/write options in work book. Here we mentioned all the steps in details with supporting images.

Note: If you have multiple files protected with watchwords, please maintain a separate file with all secure codes having no hints to guess. It is difficult to crack lost countersign with any supporting software since it takes more time to guess combination of keys. This is the smart way to password protect your Excel 2010 workbook easily.
  1. Open Excel Workbook and write all your data.
  2. Password Protect Excel Workbook
  3. Now go to “Review” tab and hit “Protect Sheet” or “Protect Workbook”.[Sheet means current page and Workbook means whole file].
  4. Protect Excel Sheet with Password
  5. When you got Pop-up window, enter desired password and select the options that allow access to the users.
  6. tips to protect excel sheet
  7. Till now you protected your sheet only.
  8. To preserve the whole workbook, navigate to “File” then “Save As”.
  9. Observe the image clearly as shown below and select “Tools” then “General Options”.
  10. general tab in excel workbook
  11. Enter the desired password again to protect Excel 2007/2010 Spread sheet.
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