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LPG Gas Dealer Portability Scheme

LPG Gas Connection Portability is now available
Now all focus changed to LPG Gas Cylinders. Previously officials are requested to submit LPG Gas Consumer Information Sheet and from this moment Liquefied Petroleum Gas will be made available through booking online and tracking information can be got through mobile or website. This service of Gas Connection Portability will be extended to 25+ more districts in the next few months said by Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Moily. It is exactly same as that of Mobile Number Portability. Customers can change their present dealers to anyone who is reliable in the present location or city. Go on to know more facts.
lpg gas portability

What exactly LPG Gas Connection Portability mean?

Like the same with mobile services, if you don’t want to be with the present mobile operator one can opt with mobile number portability scheme. Now in the case of LPG, Customer can change their distribution company with this scheme but not the oil company.

Let me explain the same with an example. If you are currently with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and there are multiple LPG Gas Suppliers who can give you better service that previous, with this Gas Connection Portability Scheme there is a possibility to change from one supplier to other but not to HPCL to BPCL.

As per the current stats, there are more than 13.5 crore customers and this scheme will be applicable to each and every citizen. However government was looking to do some changes in the present law where one oil company cylinder can be refilled by another oil company.

LPG Gas Mobile Service called Lakshya
A new service has been enabled known "Lakshya" where customers can get necessary reports that relates to Gas Booking and tracking directly to mobile phone. Even present customers can rate their distributors based on the service and based on the feedback supplier may face termination of dealership. If distributor provides 85% of cylinders booked in before 2 days or less is marked as 5 stars. Once this process gets success in offline mode, the same will be made available online and with this implementation new gas connections can also be requested through online website.

From the customer perspective, with the introduction of LPG Gas Connection Dealer Portability Scheme there would be a chance of better service from the distributors.

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  1. Problem in gas delivery. It does not reach to me even after 20 days of booking. Want to change agency through portability. Wat to do?


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