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Know Hyderabad Vehicle Traffic e-Challan Status Online

This article helps you to check Vehicle Traffic Challan Status through Online. Especially in twin cities, there is a huge traffic across all major junctions. Few follow the traffic rules and most of them not. It became difficult to the cops around finding who do not follow the traffic rules. To catch those, new systems has been implemented by the same department to catch the person who violates the prescribed traffic policies. One among them is taking down a photo of the number plate with high resolution cameras.

Going further, it would a difficult task to scribble the registration number of the particular vehicle when it is moving with great speed. So in order to catch those, cops possess their own digital camera to catch those who violate the rules. Since cameras come with high pixel resolution, police will zoom in the photograph then the number will be noted down on their database. The process of checking Vehicle Traffic e Challan Status has made online at www.echallan.org/publicview for the one who undergo penalty by these traffic police.
Hyd Vehicle Traffic Challan Status

How to Check Hyd Vehicle Traffic Challan Status

Before getting to know the process of checking Hyderabad Vehicle Traffic Challan Status via Online, just be acquainted how it works. Traffic Cops will consider different factors like riding the vehicle without helmet, having no driving license and not having different documents. It’s not a big deal for the cops to catch those who are not having the above documents. But this system is majorly useful if anyone going with high speed in restricted areas like in school areas, hospitals etc. One of the hurting point here is you will even receive a penalty letter if you park the vehicle in no parking area.

Primarily there are 2 major types of cameras. One is Surveillance cameras which are in active every time and will note each and every instant happening around. Another is Digital Cameras that is operated by Traffic Police to take snapshots. Using the registration number they will extract the information like Name, Address etc and sends the penalty letter directly to your home address given at the time of vehicle registration. Moving with the technology, Hyderabad and respective states is maintaining few dedicated portals where the pending vehicle traffic Challan’s have to be paid within the due date.

To get it done, visit Hyderabad Vehicle Traffic e-Challan Status Online website and enter the vehicle registration number. The server extracts the reports like Owner Name, Challan No, Offence date, Time, Place of Violation, Traffic PS Limits, Offence Description, Fine Amount, User Charges, Total amount. Take a copy of penalty letter and pay the fine amount at the nearest eSeva Center. If you are well acquainted with Internet you can also pay the same via APOnline Portal.

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  3. how to know the challan for 4 wheeler????
    as if i do the same for the above link i am not getting the name of owner..

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