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What is CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books SBI?

New CTS Cheque Book date extended
As per the latest statement given by State Bank of India (SBI) in all major sources of Media, new CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books will be issued to the customers by leaving a note that old cheque books will not be valid after March 31, 2012. According to the revised norms, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has instructed to all banks to issue a CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books from April 1, 2013[Extended date]. This change will enhance the security of cheque leaves and helps to standardize the entire process. To get the upgraded version of cheque leaves, just visit the respective bank branch along with the first page of your old cheque book.
CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books Meaning
Confused about the big change? It is all because to standardize and to improve the security of the forms. CTS-2010 means Cheque Truncation System-2010. The powerful feature of CTS Cheque is that it can be cleared electronically. Already State Bank of India is under progress in issuing new Standard of Check leaves from the recorded address of the customers from their database. Other private banks like HDFC and ICICI have kept an update on their official websites or at their branches. IDBI Banks also started issuing CTS 2010 Check Books to their customers.

How it Works?
As per the current standard, in order to clear a check, the respective physical leaf should be sent for clearance. But a CTS 2010 Standard Cheque can be sent simply by taking an image and can be deposited by the customer in the drawee bank. Once the deposited leaf scrutinized by the faculty then it will be cleared electronically. It will really helps to reduce the man power, cost and time.

Benefits from CTS
  • Very less clearing cycle
  • Superior verification & reconciliation process
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Operational efficiency for banks and customers alike
  • Reduction in operational risk and risks associated with paper clearing

More details about CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books

The following are the special features that should stress about Cheque Truncation System-2010. Observe the Layout of a sample cheque leaf provided below-
CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books
Paper @ Manufacturing - It is purely image friendly since the image can be sent for clearance. It won’t glow under UV light to ensure that it is uniform across all banks.

Watermark - All cheque leaves will contain a standardized watermark with “CTS-INDIA” which can be observed by looking against any light source. It helps to avoid any fraudulent activities like photocopying etc. It is exactly like the same as that of Gandhi’s Image on our Currency Note.
cts 2010 watermark logo
VOID pantograph - If the cheque will be scanned above the resolution prescribed by CTS, then Pantograph with hidden / embedded “COPY” or “VOID” will be included on the copied leaf. It prevents to photograph a color copy of CTS Cheque.

Logo of the Bank: - However it is not visible to true light, the respective banks logo will be printed with UV ink and can be visible only through UV-enabled scanners / lamps.

These are some of the features of CTS 2010 Standard Cheque Books. Act now and visit your home branch to get issued with new standard cheque leaves book like SBI, ICICI etc. But few branches like State Bank of India and ICICI are asking to handover the Non-CTS 2010 Standard Forms; however they get cancelled after March 31, 2012. Read more at RBI Website.

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