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How to Prepare for GRE New Pattern?

If you are in your final year of your engineering and are interested in going abroad for your masters then you first need to clear your GRE, the scores of which will be taken into consideration by all the institutions abroad, to which you apply to, for admission. So, you first need to know how to prepare for GRE new pattern? Only then, you will be able to get the desirable scores. There has been a change in the pattern and thus, you need to first understand the changes that have been made and make yourself used to these changes so that you don’t find anything odd, when you finally appear for the exam. There have been some major changes to the GRE pattern. They have been mentioned below.

Getting back to a problem that you have already answered
In the case of the old GRE pattern once you have solved a certain question you cannot change it by any means. This has now been changed and you have the option of selecting a different answer in case you think that your answer was wrong in the first attempt. So while preparing for the exam you need to know that the answer can be changed, but that has to done within the time limit.

A lengthier paper
The paper of the GRE just got lengthier as there are two sections that are dedicated to Mathematics each needs to be completed within a period of 35 minutes. After this, you will have to attempt the verbal portion that has also been divided in two sections each lasting for 30 minutes. After this there is an experimental section as well.

Calculators are finally permitted in the examination hall
The examinees friend has finally been allowed in the exam hall and it can be used to solve the problems. The problems want to test you ability to analyze the problems logically and thus, it is a good thing that the calculator has been allowed. If your approach is correct then the answer will never be wrong, just because of some error in mental mathematics.

1600 is a thing of the past
The old GRE exam was all about 1600 and that is passé as the new pattern is somewhere between 130 and 170 and there is an increase in 1 point as well. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that the examination has been made easier. All that has been done, is that there has been a change in the marking system of the questions.

Kick the antonyms and analogies
The antonyms and analogies questions has been giving goosebumps and cold feet to everyone who appears for this exam and they don’t really make much sense either and thus, they have been ditched by the new pattern of the paper. There are other more sensible questions that have taken their place and the sentence completion is one of the most important of them.

These are the major changes that have been made and you need to prepare for the exam keeping in mind all these changes. This is how to prepare for GRE new pattern. Once you know make yourself familiar to the changes, you need to work on them and great scores are assured.


  1. thanks to the info. it's really very useful

  2. can i know the last rank of GRE exam[new pattern]

  3. i am totally forced to write this stupid gre by my family....
    can anyone suggest me how to prepare for it.....
    i am compromised and want to write it for them....
    someone pl help me.........


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