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IRCTC Booking Train Tickets Trick - IRCTC Magic AutoFill Form

Booking Train Tickets from IRCTC became a tough task for the one who are planning for a trip or a vacation. There are two categories to book Online Railway Reservation. One is General and another is Tatkal. There is a huge difference between those two categories that decides the journey of Passenger. IRCTC is an Acronym for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation acts as a platform for Booking Train Tickets. If you are the victim who failed to book the Online Railway Reservation in Tatkal Scheme might know the pain of losing the Journey. So, to overcome this all the passengers are trying to know the IRCTC Booking Train Tickets Trick to get this done perfectly. There are many such tricks among them few will work and few may not be. Booking General Tickets from irctc.co.in is not at all a problem because they are free to book any time. The main problem lies in Booking IRCTC Train Tickets in Tatkal Scheme. For them we gathered one important tool from my favorite website Labnol.org. Follow the entire tutorial perfectly to book IRCTC Online Railway Reservation in both General and Tatkal Schemes.

irctc booking train tickets

IRCTC Booking Train Tickets Trick

Before getting to learn the tutorial, first of all know what IRCTC Tatkal Scheme is. In view of passenger’s convenience, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation have established an online portal for Railway Reservation. The functioning of this IRCTC Website is like Service direct to Home. You can just get your train ticket within few clicks through www.irctc.co.in. Tatkal Scheme is the one where the seats were reserved and they are opened for booking before the day of journey at 08.00AM (after July 10, 2012 - 10.00AM IST). Previously there is two days time to register our self for Ticket. But few months ago it was reduced to 1 day.

There are many who are failing in Booking Train Tickets from Irctc.co.in. For them we came forward with a trick which fills all the blank text boxes [Personal Details + ID Proof Details] with a single click. This was really a marvelous IRCTC Tatkal Booking Trick that works great if you are not an expert in typing.

IRCTC Magic AutoFill Form

  1. Open IRCTC Magic AutoFill Form for Indian Railways at http://ctrlq.org/irctc
  2. Fill all the details correctly which are same as in IRCTC Website.
  3. Now Press “I’m Feeling Lucky” that freezes all the entered data.
  4. After then, find “Magic AutoFill” button and drag it to Bookmarking Toolbar of a Browser.
  5. Completing all the above steps, logon to IRCTC Booking Train Tickets Website at www.irctc.co.in.
  6. Enter the Source, Destination and select Tatkal type then hit Find Trains.
  7. Select the appropriate train and move for booking train tickets in Tatkal Scheme.
  8. Here IRCTC Magic AutoFill Form plays its role by single click. It fills all the fields which you have to enter manually. It saves your time and increases chances of getting IRCTC Tatkal Ticket.
  9. Continue still the Ticket Confirms.
If your ticket gets into Waiting list, then check you IRCTC Login PNR Status Online through http://www.indianrail.gov.in/pnr_Enq.html. Thumbs up!! Hope this IRCTC Booking Train Tickets Trick works for you for Online Railway Reservation. Share if you like.


  1. thanks is there any other trick as such to help

  2. I usually travelling between X and Y Stations. Is there any faster way to check train availabilty beteen X and Y.
    What i am going no; after enter the from, to station names, travel date and class I am getting list of trains, but I have to click each train to check its availabity.

    1. Here is the solution for your problem.
      Go to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/dont_Know_Station_Code.html and enter your stations to know availability. It helps great at the time of Tatkal booking.

  3. Senthil Kumaran B:
    Thanks, It helps a lot! ;-)

  4. you know kaspersky showing the link as a phising site;(


    1. Please change the settings of you antivirus Jay. It is because of your firewall settings.


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