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DDO Claims DDO Request(ddoreq) in AP Treasury Website for Salaries

DDO Request (ddoreq) for Salaries in https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
DDO Stands for Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts,Hyderabad shortly ddoreq. All the DDO's are kindly requested to Enter the PRAN numbers with the help of the option CPS or PRAN Entry before processing the Bills of Salary. If you not Enter Pran Num correctly the Subscription will not be credited to the Corresponding employee's CPS Account. DDO Claims ddoreq main function is to Maintain civil, local funds, Processing pension cases of the respective departments, Conducting financial transactions of the government such as payment of salaries, and other payments, Payment of pensions, Exercise treasury control over all departmental financial transactions with reference to the Budget. Check the DDO Request ddoreq from the sites below.
This DDO Portal is for preparing monthly salaries of employees and state employees have to enter their details in order to process the DDO Request Salary bills(ddoreq). It process the pension related cases too including salary payments. There are some extra features added to this ddoreq - DDO Request portal like CPS, Leaving Account Updation and lastly Supplementary billing preparation. It is mandatory to leave account updation first before going for supplementary bills preparation. Employees have to enter his/her half pay leaves followed by earned leaves in their respective Updation leaves Category. Now in Supplementary Preparation of bills you will get deducted salary amount before 7days. After giving all the required information your bill will be prepared by DDO Request Online(ddoreq).
ddoreq ddo claims

DDO Request(ddoreq) for Salaries Website

Flag fund will be deducted automatically for December month. You can use DA Arrears Option.Please change your passwords who are using Payroll Etc., in DDO Claim. Feel free to mail DDO Claims your valuable comments and suggestions at ddoclaims@gmail.com
 Official Website of DDO Request Salary Bills ddoreq: https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
 All the HRMS/Pay Roll users are requested use This ddoreq portal has been changed to new address drafted above. Users please find out the change. If you still facing any problems in getting DDO Claims or DDO Request or ddoreq, please do comment below.


  1. ddoreq is not opening..can you please help me out.

  2. Hi
    My father was employee of RTC department and now he is retired. Currently he is pensioner so request you to canfirm he also can apply for this health card.

  3. hi sir iam md.rahimuddin iam applied votad id application no is 11208640 and
    my wife application is 11208677

  4. Nageswara Rao ,Vizianagaram
    Iworked as Headmaster GrII and appointed as CMO in Rajiv Vidya Mission on Redeployment.Iam retired in RVM (SSA).As Iam not under the Control of any DY.Educational Officer and Iwas relieved from my School On the Orders of the DEO the appointing authority who has to submit my GPF,GIS and Encashment Bills.I Think the DEO is the only Competent Authority But The Tresury officers are saying the last place where I worked as Headmaster is the place to submit my Bills.I my Last LPC from there long back and another person has become the Head master and Drawing Officer There.I think it is not correct.Please Give me the answer soon.

  5. I am the Govt. employee in the panchayat raj dept. How can I get gram panchayats cash balance with only ddo codes,without pass word. please give me reply to my email tyreddy1975@yahoo.com.

  6. hoe do i get my ddo no for applying for health card

  7. i am a retired state govt employee. i retired in 1987. i do not have ddo no. pl tell me how to get ddo no so that i can apply for health card

  8. ddoreq is not opening, can you please help me

    1. Ple enter DDO Code in respective field

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am a retired college lecturer in the AP Govt service.
    I want the Health Card.To fill in the application form for the "Health Card" I need the DDO code to fill in the application.Hence please enlighten me how to get the DDO code.Also I request you to kindly enlighten me what a PRAN
    number is.


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