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Best Ways and Techniques to Hunt Jobs Easily

Are you in search of any kind of job?

But due to some kind of complications or problems you are not able to give your 100 percent due to which you are not being recognized by the officials and you are missing the job options?

What can be the reasons behind such situations?

But do you know one interesting fact about hunting jobs that it is one of the most studied phenomena of present time. So today in this post we will discuss about some latest techniques that you can perform or try out to accomplish your target of finding a perfect job for you and along with this we will also have a look on few old techniques or tips that you can avoid in this criteria.

Coolest Ways to Find or Hunt Jobs

Apart from your high bachelor’s degrees that you have achieved through your educational performance, there is a lot in this outer world that you need to face and finding jobs in one of the toughest role that one have to play.
job hunt techniques
Today’s generation is based on networking, not only in the case of a job hunt, but also in many more personal as well as professional fields. As having a network of people around you can keep you up to date with the stuffs that are going on around you. Some of the companies or jobs seekers may not advertise their requirements but when you have a reliable network you can know about the requirements and apply for that particular job and this can also be done through today’s social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., where you can meet professional peoples.

Usage of Internet
As mentioned earlier you can use social networking sites but what if you don’t have a social site? You can browse over the internet for jobs which can be through several other sites like Quickr in which you can find thousands of jobs opportunities and apply to them. Sending or mailing resumes to the companies at random can also work for you.

Job Fairs and Recruiters
After you send resumes to several companies or job seekers just collect the resumes or the replies from the companies that are interested in you and investigate about the companies and go for the further interviews. Before going for the final interview just give a trial as a mini interview with a recruiter which can help you enhance your confidence as well as enhance your skills. And the bad thing about the present situation is that recruiters are being ignored due to which one can really loose many job opportunities.

Anytime when you encounter with any kind of job opportunity don’t hesitate to apply for it whether you see it on the internet or in a newspaper. You can always prefer and trust local newspaper ads when it comes to job hunting. Apart from this you can also visit search firms or union hiring halls as all these depends on salary demands where can get selected randomly.
Sending Resumes
Always send your resumes to the companies irrespective of the company’s status whether it is a small company or a big company. Always make sure that the resume sent by you is well written and presented to the company without any kind of mistakes whether grammatical or spelling mistakes as it is always said that “the first impression is the best impression” and your resume reflects your personality and your character.

Additional Strategy
  • Apart from the above stated tips you can also try out few other tips like that of going through a yellow pages book in which you can find plenty of fields that interest you and try sending your resumes at their door steps.
  • Seeking help from your friends or family members for job leads.
  • If you are clear with your dream job then you can go through the websites of their respective companies and you never know when can a chance or opportunity that you are waiting for can be yours.
  • You can also go for temporary work or any kind of internship at the time of your unemployment and enhance your skills which can further help you out to get settled with a permanent job with good salary figures.
Apart from these tactics there are also a few things that you can avoid while hunting for a job.

Applying for old Jobs
Yes, you heard it right. Always avoid the job ads which are outdated, which means don’t apply for the job which are circulating in the market for a while. If you apply for such jobs you can make fun of yourself as that job might have already been acquired by a third person.

What you see is always not TRUE
This is a fact that whatever you see from your eyes is not true always. If there is no post for any jobs in a company that doesn't mean that there are no jobs available in that company. You can try your luck out by enquiring about that firm or company and applying for the same according to the requirements.

Different Resumes
Never send the same resume for different positions or status in a company. You can prepare your resumes according to the company’s requirements but the information that you fill up in the resume should be 100 percent true without any kind of false statements.

Final Verdict
As now you are aware of the tips and the techniques that you can implement for a job hunt as well as the old-school tips that you need to avoid, you are all set to go for a job hunt that can suite you and your personality.
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Submit Intelligence Bureau Security Assistant Application

While going through some latest recruitment notifications online, we found something new and would like to share it via this weblog. Find all the updated information regarding Intelligence Bureau recruitment 2014 to fill about 532 Security Assistant posts. Help your friends by sharing this news through social networks.

Do you know that Intelligence Bureau (IB) had recently released a notification to fill out 532 vacancies in Security Assistant category?

If not, then make a note in your daily schedule to fill the online application of the same within the stipulated time period which can found in this current draft. Only the eligible candidates should complete the application submission.

So,What's the minimum criteria to submit IB Recruitment 2014 application form via online?

Let me provide you some important dates regarding the same. Obviously online application submission by the eligible candidates can be done through their official web portal at mha.nic.in who possess good filed experience in Intelligence work are perfectly eligible to apply for Security Assistant jobs in IB. Also note that candidate should not exceed 27 years (as on February 17, 2014) can apply for the prescribed post.

Hope, you got the crucial data which dives you to proceed with IB recruitment 2014 application submission. Visit www.onlinesubmit.in/mha4 to do the same right away!

Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2014 Notification Details are as follows

  • Job Title: Security Assistant(Executive)
  • Total No. of Vacancies: 532
  • Age limit: Should not exceed 27 years as on February 17, 2014
  • Fee: SC/ST and women are exempted from the fee. Other category candidates have to pay Rs. 50 either online or offline mode at any branch of SBI
  • Last date to submit application: February 17, 2014

If you need any more information, drop your valuable comments below. We would love to help you better!
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Cracking CAT - Ways to Make Your Dream True

Common Admission Test (CAT) - A cherished desire for more than 3 lakhs aspirants across the country every year. It is also considered as the Asia’s toughest exam. CAT is considered as a benchmark to enter into world’s honoured colleges to pursue their PG level management degree.

Perfect planning, strategy and implementation are important while writing any entrance exam. CAT is not an exception from it. Some tips to increase your potential and grab the top spot are here.
  • Conceptual clarity
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Ability to perform under stress
According to me these are the four gunshot bullets to be applied while preparing. Let us discuss about them precisely.
cat exam preparation
Conceptual clarity
One should be clear enough with basic formulae, concepts in each and every section. Only thing that I can say is keep each and every topic at your fingertips.

The reason why I mentioned accuracy above speed is I feel that one cannot be accurate after attaining speed. Speed always misleads us. As both are important in CAT, I suggest you to be accurate first and then focus on speed.

To be accurate solve 100’s of problems daily, analyze each and every model. Make a habit of practicing them repeatedly. Try it out, this definitely works and your accuracy level can be up to 70 with this practice. To keep yourself at 90 don’t miss taking weekly mock CAT’s. After each and every mock try to improve in the sections where you are missing out. This will definitely keep your accuracy at 90 which is not enough for the IIM to welcome you. Rest of the 10% makes the difference. What all you need to do is analyze each and every mock test find out your mistakes and practice in a way that you should not repeat them again.

One more important thing is avoid guess work at any cost during mock CAT’s itself. If u doesn’t avoid this habit at early stages, undoubtedly you will do the same thing in CAT exam.

We know that CAT is nothing but game of managing time. Some best tips that I can tell to manage time is keep practicing speed maths daily for at least half an hour. Learn all the short cuts and try to remember (as there are vast number of shortcuts available don’t to cram them up, best way is practicing.)

Ability to perform under stress
You should build up confidence levels to give your best even under pressure and stress. The only way to build up confidence is by appearing mock tests regularly and by regular practice. You can avoid stress by having relaxed mind and body. (You can adopt your own ways to do so).

Some more useful ways
  • Group study always helps while preparing for CAT
  • If you are serious aspirant then spend some time with social networking sites like Facebook which helps you in your preparation. Want to know how it works? The here you go! You will find groups, pages with CAT aspirants. Go and join with them. This definitely helps you to clarify doubts easily.
  • Try solving puzzles frequently. This helps in sharpening your mind.
  • Register for mock CAT series available in the internet if you are doing self study.
On the Day of Exam
  • Be relaxed and memorize major concepts
  • Don’t involve in unwanted discussions (this may mislead your mind).
  • Reach examination center at least before 1 hour
  • Make sure that you are carrying admit card and all other required things while going to exam.
Final Battle
Have a quick view of paper with in 5 to 10 minutes. With this you can have an idea of the questions that you can answer very easily. Answer them as quickly as possible. Some will be bit tricky. Don’t waste time with any problem for more than 2 minutes. Try to minimize your time at every problem as much as you can. This time will surely help you to solve at least 1 or 2 problems at the end.

Recommended books for CAT preparation
Quantitative Aptitude Books
  • How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT - Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative aptitude for competitive exam - Abjith Guha
  • NCERT text books 8th,9th,10th,11th,12th
  • The Pearson guide to quantitative aptitude for CAT - Nishit sinha
  • Time, IMS study materials helps a lot
Data Interpretation Books
  • TMH’S How to prepare for data interpretation for CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Nishit Sinha DI LR book by Pearson
  • RS Agarwal books on verbal reasoning
  • Time, IMS study material helps a lot
Verbal Ability Books
  • Wren and Martin English Grammar
  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis
  • Time, IMS materials also helps a lot
Cracking CAT only makes 70% to get into top B-schools. Every B-school conducts its own GD - PI sessions while admitting students. So, students should make a habit of reading news paper daily to get in touch with current issues and to improve knowledge. Also follow magazines like Competition Success Review, Business Today by India Today Group, Business World etc.

One should also be prepared to face an interview.

After crossing all these hurdles one can enter make their dream true. I wish my tips showcased an easy way for your CAT Exam preparation.
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What is Apache Hadoop? The Big Elephant

Everything you should know about Hadoop
The Necessity: Have you ever imagined the amount of data that an organization like the Indian Railways would generate of its various transactions per day! And how much would it accumulate over the end of a month! And yet further the massive amount of data that would amass at the end of fiscal year!

Or have you cared for those multinational telecommunication carriers who maintain data for the huge number of its clients and their transactions per day which may include maintaining daily logs of the calls received and made, SMS’s received and send, billing details per transaction, maintaining registration details of each customer so on and so forth. (And do not forget that in a country like India there are more mobile phones and its users than dedicated toilets and with cheap rates the count customers is not going to dwindle in the near future!)

Quite obviously, all such enterprise endeavours generate dinosaurous data and handling it would certainly be one hard nut to crack. As if this is not enough, to further compound the challenge to process such huge chunks of data, the hardware might also fail without giving you any indication whatsoever. Quite conceivably, any hardware malfunction has the potential to stymie the entire process bringing everything to a numb halt.
about apache hadoop
And thus handling and processing massive data in an environment where the hardware reliability is a serious question mark, Apache Software Foundation came out with a solution addressing both the issues - the issue of handling and processing massive data even in the scenario of hardware malfunction - they named the solution as “Apache Hadoop”!

Introduction to Hadoop
As with most other software products that Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has released, Apache Hadoop is also an open source software framework. It has the ingredient to handle and process large scale data. To handle large scale data, Hadoop does not mandate “supercomputers” rather it advocates usage of cluster of everyday, commodity hardware.

Furthermore, since hardware malfunction is an accepted norm, Hadoop readily assumes at its architectural level that while computing data, hardware might go wrong, nevertheless, all such irregularities must be detected and handled in the software by the framework.

Therefore, it is noticeable that Hadoop does not merely takes the distributed computing to the next level but also incorporates intelligence to even handle bizarre hardware malfunctioning. And all of these would be done on the fly!

Hadoop Framework Composition
In order to materialize the objectives, at its core, Hadoop framework is composed of four synergistically working modules. They are:
  1. Hadoop Common: Officially this module is the library of common utility support that the other modules would need to sufficiently run their requirements. Thus, Hadoop Common constitutes the very basic foundation which would be used by other modules. Hadoop Common can be correlated to the JRE library features of Java.
  2. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): HDFS is the key module for distributing the work load on a cluster of commodity hardware while maintaining very high overall bandwidth through the cluster of machines. Nevertheless, the conceptualization of HDFS was derived from the specification of Google File System (GFS).
  3. Hadoop YARN: To understand Hadoop YARN – another module or sub framework in the Apache Hadoop project – we would compare it with that part of the operating system which schedules different tasks for the microprocessor and at the same time manages the resources required by the microprocessor for efficient discharge of the job.

    Thus, Hadoop YARN schedules tasks and manages resources for various commodity machines in the cluster.
  4. Hadoop MapReduce: Remember we said that Hadoop can very efficiently manage large data sets by the virtue of its prudent usage of commodity hardwares, well, MapReduce which is a YARN-based system for parallel processing programming model does helps exactly in materializing the same! Like HDFS, MapReduce is also derived from Google’s MapReduce specification!
Hadoop Architecture
At its core, the Hadoop architecture comprises of three main components, viz.
  • The Hadoop Common package
  • MapReduce Engine
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
In passages that follow we describe each component separately.

The Hadoop Common package
As we indicated above that Hadoop distributes its load in a cluster of several commodity machines running simultaneously. Consequently, for effective delegation of work, every Hadoop-compatible file system locates where the “worker node” is running in the cluster of machines. Using this whereabouts, Hadoop applications can run the work on the node where the data is offered.

Thus, the Hadoom Common package offers support for dealing with underlying Operating System and their File System structure for the various machines in the cluster. Besides this package also contains the necessary Java Archive (jar) files to start the Hadoop software! And you would have to frequent the same package in case you need the documentation and source code of Hadoop itself!

The MapReduce Engine could be either MapReduce/MR1 or YARN/MR2 which basically empowers the software to handle massive data sets for efficient processing. Thus the MapReduce Engine could be reckoned as one of the main work horse behind the Hadoop Software. The MapReducer consist of JobTracker to the client applications submit the task to be performed. Upon successful receipt of the task, it is forwarded to the TaskTracker based worker nodes in the cluster. However is the TaskTracker fails or times out, the job would be rescheduled again.

While delegating task to the worker note, the TaskTracker releases a new JVM (Java Virtual Machine) process for the task on the worker note. Thus, if the running task crashes the JVM, only the dedicated JVM for the node would be crashed, not the JVM in which the TaskTracker itself was running! This is one of the most fascinating aspects of the MapReduce Engine.

Even during the flow of the task in the worker note, the TaskTracker and the JobTracker continuously interact with each other. The running status at the worker node could be observed through this interaction on the web browser via the Jetty server.

And as we alluded earlier, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides the platform or the software infrastructure required for distributing the work load on several commodity machines in the dedicated cluster.
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How Instagram helps you in Brand Creation and Promotion!

If you are an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur then you might already know about “Instagram”. And thus, you have come to this page to learn how it helps in brand creation. However, for all those entrepreneurs who want to do things the crude way (remember the good old days of creating the wheel) since they are not aware of the readymade solutions already available in the market, we would devote some time behind understanding the thing called “Instagram” and how it would help create and promote your brand!

The Instagram
Looking around the social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut (almost dead, though) etc, and the amount of traffic they receive, as an entrepreneur you would have cogitated on more than just a couple of occasion that they are these websites provide potentially fertile ground for sowing the seed of your brand in it!

In simpler terms promoting or even apprising about your product over these websites could be more than just a far reaching venture with these websites penetrating most parts of the world and used in virtually every country on the planet.
How Instagram helps you in Brand Creation and Promotion
However, promoting the keynote of your product would have more effect if you would let your prospective clients “see” your product! And what better way than publishing a picture, a photo, a snap of your product. Furthermore, why to restrict merely to pictures. Why not have a video promoting the product. Videos, on certain situations, promises far reaching effect than pictures! And this is exactly where Instagram would help you immensely. Putting it briefly, Instagram would abstract and automate the tedious task of taking snaps, editing them to the requirement and publishing them on various platforms from you!

Thus, Instagram is a piece of application which would enable its users to take pictures or create videos, apply editing and digital filters to them and share them wherever the user finds it conducive to be shared, be it a dedicated website, an e-Shopping or an e-Mall website, or any social networking website!

Although Instagram is not the only software application in the market, however, it provides some of the highly required features for quality photo or video sharing. For instance, its feature to confine the photos to square shape very similar to the professional products from Kodak’s Instamatic and Polaroids in 16:9 aspect ratio!

Initially Instagram is created for Apple’s iProducts, however, with passage of time it was reengineered to work with Google’s products as well. So now the application is readily available at both App store and Google Play, consequently, platform is not quite an issue with Instagram and it should work equally good whether you use iPhone, iPad, or Nexus! And even though officially Instagram has not released any of its versions targeting the Microsoft’s Windows based devices, yet there are third party solutions are available to integrate Instagram with Windows Phones! Nevertheless, it is expected that Instagram would release its official product support for Windows Phones as well.

But how to use Instagram to create and promote my brand!

Befriend Instagram – your first step.
Although we have introduced Instagram, nevertheless, the how-to use it question has to be addressed. Quite obviously this post does not cover the how-to-use question. One of the reasons is because the official Instagram blog provides an easy to follow steps on how to use Instagram for various purposes. This documentation is available at the following url http://business.instagram.com/blog/. Thus as the first step towards your brand creation and promotion, get yourself acquainted with Instagram (did we said anything new here!).

The one thing you should learn while tinkering with Instagram is to embed your Instagram video into your dedicated blog or website for product promotion. This would further extend your reach to prospective clients.

Use relatable pictures/videos to promote your brand
Pictures speak a lot more than words. Use this feature for your purpose. However, use pictures which the prospective client would be able to relate in his/her daily life. The occurrences in our daily life should somehow relate and, subsequently, promote the product. More than technical, this would have a psychological impact on the prospective client.

Make use of social networking websites
A successful brand creation/promotion must have its presence in the social networking websites. Thus, do not forget to link your social networking ids to the pictures and videos you would want to share.

Inter-posting images on social networking websites with hashtags that would map itself to your campaign would help people beware of your presence on Instagram and would allow an easy connection to you.

Do not neglect videos for your campaign
Although a recent addition, Instagram’s video functionality is giving Twitter’s Vine a serious run for its money. Instagram offers a 15 second, filter enabled and editable video functionality which is way ahead of Vine’s 6.5 second video recording facility.

Moreover, the filtering and editing features on Instagram are not just for namesake. Rather they provide some of the most professional filtering and editing flexibilities which would allow you to give the desired effects to the pictures and/or videos for promotion thus, potentially creating a favourable ambience for attraction.

Do not over-do with too many posts in too less time
Instagram’s feed speed is low and thus a very frequent posting is something not recommended. Thus while posting, the user should keep an eye on the fact that posting too frequently and too much would saturate the followers’ feed to you.

Thus decide on the posts that really would help promote your product and schedule publications over a substantial stretch of time.

Use Photos to inspire potential clients
You know that pictures speak more than words however, you need to select pictures prudently so that it would pique the taste buds in your prospective clients (we mean, enliven them towards your product). To explain this we would use an example. If you have a product, say, of literary nature, you would rather the picture of your product amidst pictures of books that are famous, well accepted universally and relates to the great authors behind them! Most often than note, such pictures would enliven potential clients to at least have a favourable outlook towards your product.

Although there are other effective strategies available towards fascinating product creation and promotion, nevertheless, the above five techniques would better help your purposes if done with a little planning and prudence!